Download Sellerdeck Desktop v18.0.3

Payment Gateways

Sellerdeck Desktop v11.0.4 / 11.0.5 Payments Update

Both v11.0.4 and v11.0.5 shipped with Sellerdeck Payments as standard. If you reverted either version to Actinic Payments after installing, you may use this file to reinstate Sellerdeck Payments. You do not need it otherwise.

Sellerdeck Desktop v11 Payments Update

Converts Sellerdeck Desktop v11 from Actinic Payments to Sellerdeck Payments and installs all the most recent payment gateway updates.

Sellerdeck Desktop 2014 Realex installer

Updated payment gateway installer adding support for Realex. Compatible with SellerDeck 2014 (v14.0.1) onwards.