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We don’t want to miss anything out so here are some additional tips on a variety of topics.

320 - Work Pays Off

There are a lot of tips in this book, and it would take a lot of effort to implement them. But hard work has its reward. If you put the effort in, you will get the reward.

321 - If You Can’t Get Big Get Niche

The web is huge, but you can be successful by being different. Maybe you can present a range of specialist products that is hard to find elsewhere.

322 - Be Realistic

Not everything can be sold online. If you can’t buy it by telephone, it probably won’t sell over the net. But it is surprising just what does work.

323 - Choose A Solution That Can Grow With Your Business

Remember – you get what you pay for. Choose proven software with a good track record that is capable of handling your business growth. Make sure that the supplier is successful enough to still be around in a few years time.