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If your great idea is ever to be profitable, people have to know about it. So creating an online store is not enough on its own - just as getting a business telephone number and then expecting it to just ring is not realistic. To attract visitors to your web site you have to market it. Here are some pointers on how you can persuade prospects to visit your site. Remember that you don’t merely want large numbers of visitors, it is visitors that are interested and will buy the things that you are selling.

There is a huge range of ways that E-Commerce sites can be marketed. We immediately think of email and search engine marketing, but there are lots of other methods. For instance, some merchants still use traditional mail order methods like celebrity endorsement, product placement, PR, radio, TV, inserts, mail shots and print advertising. In this section we will however focus on online methods.

We will start with some of the basic principles of marketing an online store, then drill down into much more details on more advanced areas.