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When a prospect arrives at your site, your marketing is done. Now is the time to maximize sales, and that starts from your home page. The key principle in selling is to remove all barriers to deciding to buy and then making the buying process simple. That needs to be the focus within your store.

Typically the reasons on which a decision to buy is based are deep in our subconscious mind. Even those of us who consider ourselves highly rational can be surprised to discover this fact, typically after we have made a purchase against our normal behaviour. The overwhelming majority of people will end up buying what we feel is right, rather than going through a checklist.

Remember that the more annoyed prospects become, the less likely they are to buy, as it will feel wrong, even when everything else is right. You can create annoyance by, for instance, making it hard to find critical information like when an order will ship and how much delivery will cost.

The journey that makes up a prospect’s experience of a site consists of all of the links that they click. When they come to click each link, they will have an expectation that a particular question about a product, term or condition will be answered. Every time we fail to meet that expectation, we are reinforcing the feeling that this is the wrong place to buy.


Have you ever felt a degree of cynicism when reading the latest, greatest idea for business? If you have, then we share a common emotion. New ideas can help businesses, but rarely to the extent claimed, and sometimes they even have a negative impact. In contrast, some of the best business results can come by going back to the basics. The latest ideas may sound exciting but it’s important not to neglect the simple things that remain critical for success. For instance, you need to highlight key facts like how to buy, delivery costs, guarantees and other aspects of your proposition many times in the site – once is never enough for these things.

These suggestions come at the dull end of the spectrum, and certainly aren’t exciting or new. However, if you are underperforming in any of the areas mentioned, they could collectively have a dramatic impact on orders. When considering where to expend precious time and resources, there’s only one critical question to ask. What will this do to my sales?