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Sellerdeck and Feefo Announce Strategic Partnership

This post is a legacy news item

Feefo aims to help web merchants operate their businesses better and has an excellent track record of obtaining customer feedback. Since it started in 2006, Feefo’s clients have received feedback on an average of 17% of all web orders — the highest in the industry. Feefo solicits a merchant’s customers for feedback, making them aware that the results cannot be edited by the store owner. This not only leads to more feedback, but it also addresses trust issues and increases sales.

Used with Sellerdeck’s award-winning E-Commerce products, integration and operation of Feefo is very simple for the merchant, with all aspects of integration and configuration available on a point and click basis. Merchants control the number of days’ delay before requests for feedback are sent; whether service or product feedback is sought; and limits on the number of emails sent to individuals. All aspects of the service comply with data protection and email legislation with full opt-out available.

Benefits from the service include:

  • Enhanced search engine rankings
  • Better conversion at the web site — typically in the order of 10%
  • Improved understanding of customers and their requirements
  • Reduced returns.

According to Sellerdeck CEO Chris Barling, “With trust issues firmly in the forefront of buyers’ thinking when they are contemplating a purchase from a smaller store, we feel that independent customer feedback is imperative. Our survey of the market identified Feefo as having the best business model at a price that is accessible to small and medium sized merchants. We are closely integrating the service so that it can be implemented with a few clicks. We are convinced that it will be a winning formula, and there is certainly a lot of interest in the subject from our customers.”

For Feefo, MD Andrew Mabbutt comments, “We are very pleased that Sellerdeck chose us as its customer feedback partner. From the beginning of the discussions, it was clear that Sellerdeck intended to offer a service that was both easy to use and reasonably priced, which fitted well with our policy of providing customers with the best solution available. The partnership will allow Sellerdeck’s customers to benefit by having affordable access to a world-class independent feedback solution.”

For full details see feefo-customer-feedback.