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Sellerdeck Launches Ecommerce Fraud Checking Service With The 3rd Man

This post is a legacy news item

The 3rd Man developed the National CNP Fraud File as the most comprehensive and advanced anti-fraud service available in the UK. Processing approximately 20 million transactions per month, it can detect the vast majority of fraudulent activity well before the merchant fulfills the order. This way it protects the merchant and also minimises the potentially adverse impact fraud prevention measures can have on genuine customers.

Mark Burley, CEO of Model Railways Direct, and a user of The 3rd Man’s fraud checking service, commented:

“We were a start up and did not take fraud seriously. However, around a year after we started, we were hit by 3% of our annual sales in fraudulent orders across three days. We then checked the payments with The 3rd Man and found that they were already flagged as potentially fraudulent. Since then, we check all transactions this way and have so far saved around £5,000. It’s a brilliant service and we wouldn’t do without it.”

The 3rd Man service is fully integrated into Sellerdeck Payments, powered by CreditCall, and complements Sellerdeck’s existing 3D Secure (Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode) security features. At no further cost, merchants using the Sellerdeck Payments service will now have every transaction automatically checked for fraudulent use of payment cards plus postal addresses, email addresses, names, IP addresses and phone numbers.

Chris Barling, Sellerdeck’s CEO comments,

“For the first time ever, small and medium sized companies will be able to share their good and bad experiences of specific customers automatically with thousands of fellow merchants while maintaining anonymity, and fully complying with the Data Protection Act. This empowers merchants in a way not previously available.”

For The 3rd Man, CEO Paul Simms says,

“We were very pleased that Sellerdeck chose us for its fraud checking feature and this underlines our claim to provide the most accurate checks available. It was clear that Sellerdeck intended to offer a superior and fully integrated service, which fits well with The 3rd Man’s policy of being best-in-class. The partnership should add value for everyone concerned.”