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Sellerdeck is partnered with Feefo to deliver a fully integrated feedback solution. This partnership gives you access to all the benefits of Feefo through an easy to use and install integration.

The benefits of using Feefo are:

  • Increase conversion rates through social validation
  • Capture customer insight to improve your service
  • Improve organic rankings through on-page fresh and relevant content
  • Reduce Google AdWords cost with an improved quality score
  • Use rich snippets to show Feefo stars on Google page listings

Independent customer feedback can increase conversion rates on your site whilst maintaining customer contact and increasing customer satisfaction. Typical benefits are approximately a 10% increase in total orders with some studies showing even better results.

Feefo is fully integrated into Sellerdeck and differs slightly from the standard Feefo service. All contact about the Feefo service must be made through Sellerdeck and this package is only available for use with Sellerdeck ecommerce software.

The Sellerdeck Feefo service provides a full management system for customer feedback, is competitively priced and offers the following benefits:

Increased orders

Two separate studies have suggested that independent feedback can increase orders by up to 14%. Although results will vary for individual stores the vast majority of buyers take feedback into account when making a purchase. By reading the feedback from other customers it provides buyers with the assurance they are making an informed purchasing decision.

Improved customer retention

The tidal wave of feedback provides much better customer insight and drives up service levels resulting in better service. The response to service complaints not only turns around customers that would otherwise be lost, but its public visibility also demonstrates a commitment to quality, both of which lead to more sales.

Cutting edge

Providing customers with the opportunity to give feedback is seen as both responsible and leading edge, giving a better impression of the whole business.

Price competitive

Sellerdeck has used its bulk purchasing power to pass on a great deal for merchants. Feefo, available through Sellerdeck, is very competitively priced compared with buying directly through Feefo or from an alternative supplier.

Single point of contact

You have the reassurance of support from a team that knows Sellerdeck, know ecommerce, and understand the Feefo product. All support is through the Sellerdeck team.

To speak with a Sellerdeck account manager, please contact us on 01932 358350 or complete the following form for a follow up: