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Sellerdeck Desktop

Price Book

With effect from 3rd October 2023, and commencing from the 2nd November 2023 for contract renewals, we are implementing revisions to our price book.

These revisions include two notable adjustments to our pricing framework: the introduction of a higher rate and the provision of a discounted rate exclusive to SellerdeckPay by ClearAccept users.

Your contract with us will increase by 40% rounded which is reduced to an increase of CPI (Consumer Price Index – as of August 2023, 6.3% rounded) for active SellerdeckPay by ClearAccept users.

To read the rationale behind these changes and the added value our contracts deliver to your business please read our blog post.

Standard Day Rate£637.50£85.00
Premium Day Rate£825.00£110.00
Monthly Higher RateMonthly Lower Rate
Feefo 350£91.00£69.00
Feefo 600£147.00£112.00
Feefo 800£193.00£147.00
Feefo 1400£300.00£229.00
Feefo 2000£385.00£294.00
Feefo 3000£515.00£390.00
Feefo 5000£770.00£585.00
Monthly Higher RateAnnual Higher RateMonthly Lower RateAnnual Lower Rate
Silver 6£44.00£440.00£33.00£330.00
Silver 12£77.00£770.00£59.00£590.00
Silver 24£119.00£1,190.00£91.00£910.00
Silver Plus£168.00£1,680.00£128.00£1,280.00
SSL per domain£36.00£360.00£27.00£270.00
Business Plus£1,499.00
Business Plus Additional User£350.00
Enterprise Additional User£350.00
Sage Link£250.00

Sellerdeck Desktop Support and Cover Services

This contract is a combination of services with preferential pricing. Your contract price will update on renewal after 2nd November 2023. Five days prior to renewal you will receive an automated renewal email with your renewal price.

Desktop 365 Plus contracts are subject to a 40% rounded increment, which is discounted to an increase equivalent to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rate in August, standing at 6.3% rounded. If you wish to receive an exact price for your renewal today, please contact an Account Manager on

1st Year Higher Rate2nd Year Higher Rate
Business Plus£168.00£1,680.00£136.00£1,360.00
Business Plus 2 Users£202.00£2,020.00£164.00£1,640.00
Business Plus 3 Users£231.00£2,310.00£188.00£1,880.00
Each Additional UserPlus £29.00Plus £290.00Plus £24.00Plus £240.00
1st Year Lower Rate2nd Year Lower Rate
Business Plus£128.00£1,280.00£104.00£1,040.00
Business Plus 2 Users£153.00£1,530.00£125.00£1,250.00
Business Plus 3 Users£175.00£1,750.00£143.00£1,430.00
Each Additional UserPlus £22.00Plus £220.00Plus £18.00Plus £180.00
Monthly Higher RateAnnual Higher RateMonthly Lower RateAnnual Lower Rate
Premium 2 Users£290.00£2,900.00£220.00£2,200.00
Each Additional UserPlus £29.00Plus £290.00Plus £22.00Plus £220.00
Monthly Higher RateAnnual Higher RateMonthly Lower RateAnnual Lower Rate
Enterprise 2 Users£290.00£2,900.00£220.00£2,200.00
Each Additional UserPlus £29.00Plus £290.00Plus £22.00Plus £220.00
Developer Subscription£33.00£330.00

ClearAccept Ltd. t/a SellerdeckPay is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Service Regulations 2017 (FRN 926372) for the provision of payment services.