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Sellerdeck Desktop

Price Book

Standard Day Rate£570.00£76.00
Premium Day Rate£720.00£96.00
 MonthlyAnnualSign Up FeeDescriptionOveruse (per transaction over limit)
SDPA8001550800 transactions per year40
SDP350320350 transactions per month10
SDP600570600 transactions per month9
SDP300027003000 transactions per month8
Sellerdeck Payments A800£147.00
Sellerdeck Payments 350£27.00
Sellerdeck Payments 600£52.00
Sellerdeck Payments 3000£262.00
Feefo 350£62.00
Feefo 800£132.00
Feefo 2000£260.00
Feefo 5000£ 525.00
Silver 6£29.00£290.00
Silver 12£52.00£520.00
Silver 24£80.00£800.00
Silver Plus£115.00£1,150.00
Gold Plus£320.00£3,510.00
Gold Premium£430.00£4,700.00
Business Plus1499
Business Plus Additional User350
Enterprise Additional User350
Sage Link250
SSL – Sellerdeck Desktop (per domain)26260
SSL – WordPress (per installation)2.525

Sellerdeck Desktop Support and Cover Services

This contract is a combination of services with preferential pricing. Within this contract, not all services have received a price increase. Your contract price will change on renewal after 1st September 2021. The increase is roughly 5%, depending on the combination of services.

If you wish to receive an exact price for your renewal, please contact an Account Manager at

 1st Year 2nd Year 
Business Plus£115.00£1,150.00£92.00£920.00
Business Plus 2 Users£137.00£1,370.00£111.00£1,110.00
Business Plus 3 Users£157.50£1,570.00£127.00£1,270.00
Each Additional UserPlus £20.00Plus £200.00Plus £16.00Plus £160.00
Premium 2 Users£197.50£1,975.00
Each Additional UserPlus £20.00Plus £200.00
Enterprise 2 Users£197.50£1,975.00
Each Additional UserPlus £20.00Plus £200.00
Developer Subscription£31.00£310.00