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Managed Hosting Features

Installing a reliable and fast hosting package is critical to the success of your website. With that in mind, we’ve designed Sellerdeck Managed Hosting specifically for ecommerce websites so you can be confident about its performance when running on our software and combined hosting!

Features in detail

Optimised server performance to ensure a quick response

  • Carefully controlled the number of sites on each server to ensure a fast response. Too many sites on a server will lead to server overload and poor business results
  • Use of modern, fast hardware. All servers are automatically and routinely replaced well before they reach the end of life. Sellerdeck does not “sweat the assets” to the detriment of our customers
  • Sellerdeck servers are connected to the backbone of the Internet using high-speed internet connections
  • Sellerdeck continuously monitors the servers and take proactive action should a problem impacting performance develop

Maximum availability

  • 24/7 data centre digital CCTV system Smoke and fire detection and monitoring systems
  • High strength reinforced automatic steel shutters on all access points
  • Access control system using cards remotely monitored and logged
  • Humidity and temperature controlled with highest spec systems
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) which keeps the power on for a period if the mains trips out for any reason
  • Generator backup with 24 hours of fuel and 6-hour response re-fuelling contract in place
  • Use of reliable, enterprise-class servers in a secure and modern data centre
  • All servers have redundant components to ensure that there is no one point of hardware failure including mirrored disks
  • Dedicated data centre with second data centre available

Built-in server features make Sellerdeck perform faster

  • Installation and configuration of Sellerdeck specific modules to provide optimum E-Commerce performance on the server
  • Additional modules enable faster uploading and quicker checkout with Sellerdeck E-Commerce sites

Pre-configured for Sellerdeck ecommerce sites

  • Guaranteed compatibility
  • All settings pre-configured to get your web site up and running quickly
  • Hosting for Sellerdeck sites only – no conflicting technologies on any servers

24/7 server monitoring with immediate response to server-related issues

  • All servers are continuously monitored from within the firewall.
  • Monitoring is conducted on every server remotely across the Internet between every 5 and 15 minutes from three separate geographic locations.
  • HTTP (ping, performance and page content), email and DNS monitored independently
  • Engineering staff are on site 24 x 7 to respond to hardware faults
  • Systems engineers are on 24 x 7 callout to respond to software faults (these happen incredibly rarely if nothing has been changed)

High-security protection for your website

  • All servers are behind state of the art firewalls
  • Virus scanning of emails is carried out as standard
  • Supported and paid for operating systems are used with regular security patches applied
  • Security patches are applied to other software before a problem develops

Daily off-site server backups

  • All servers backed up daily
  • Data stored off site

Control Panel Access

  • FTP and admin access for uploads and site administration
  • Web site statistics

Interested in our hosting service? To speak with a Sellerdeck Account Manager, please contact us on 01932 358350 or complete the below form for a follow up: